David C. Jehnsen Biography

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David C. Jehnsen’s Mission is to develop and institutionalize programs and leadership education opportunities including research, training & education and public information regarding propositions of the democratic way of life, Kingian Nonviolence conflict reconciliation and the values and practice of democratic social change. Forty-eight years in long-range strategic planning and implementation of practical programs with fundamental social systems has been the core of his experience and success from 1962 to the present.
Since 2007 Mr. Jehnsen agreed to join the Every Church a Peace Church Board (ECAPC) and accepted the position of 2008 Board Chair. The ECAPC is a national organization in Atlanta, Georgia with a mission to develop the nonviolence justice and peacemaking capacities of local congregations and strengthen the peace and justice capacities of denominations. Since 2005 He has served Churches Supporting Churches (CSC) as Vice Chair of its National Working Group in New Orleans and serves on the CSC Board of Directors. He is a founding member of Living Peace Church of the Brethren in Columbus, Ohio
David Jehnsen has been a social change activist, organizer and educator in adult education for democracy with emphasis on special projects and systems related to nonviolence and social responsibility. His experience with nonviolence began at an early age in the Church of the Brethren and was stimulated by exposure to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s leadership of the nonviolent human rights campaigns.
In 1962, his participation in the Albany, Georgia Movement, part of a national delegation of interfaith leaders that provided an opportunity for direct ongoing involvement in Dr. King’s campaigns through 1968. He combines the experience and skills of organizing social movements with innovative ideas about the philosophy of learning and leadership education. His focus has been on institutionalizing the capacity to provide training, research, education and public information about nonviolent approaches to reconciling unjust social conflicts and violent conditions.
Mr. Jehnsen’s experience with schools has been nontraditional. He was awarded his Ed.M. degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Education in 1977 and completed his course work and qualifying paper for an Ed. D. at Harvard. His dissertation topic is “The Cultural Transferability of N.F.S. Grundtvig’s Conception of Adult Education.”
He is retained by public and private organizations to design institutional programs in leadership education about nonviolence conflict reconciliation and social change for democracy. He conducts seminars and programs that educate people at many levels of society about the philosophy and methodology of nonviolence. In 1980-81, he served as Deputy Director of the U.S. Congressional Commission charged with design of the United States Institute of Peace. He drafted the Commission’s first proposal and supporting legislation for Chair Senator Spark M. Matsunaga.
Mr. Jehnsen has worked closely with Bernard LaFayette, Jr., another leader in the Kingian human rights movement, as a multidisciplinary team since 1964 to promote Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation strategies and programs in the United States and internationally.  In 1978, they formed the Institute for Human Rights and Responsibilities. He is Chair and Founding Trustee of the Institute which he continues to serve in an important range of programs related to social change and development in the United States and internationally. He and Bernard LaFayette co-authored The Leaders Manual: A Structured Guide and Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence- The Philosophy and Methodology.
David Jehnsen is a native of north-central Michigan and lives in Galena, Ohio with his wife Deborah. They have been active in local politics including a term David spent as his party’s county chair, and  have relationships to progressive religious and social change movements throughout the nation and internationally.


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  • Friends:

    The Two-Day Core Kingian Nonviolence Training is now available on line from the IHRR website at http://www.KingianNonviolence.info by subscription. It includes 8.5 hours of professional video of Bernard LaFayette, Charles Alphin and David Jehnsen.

    Best wishes,


  • Jakob Krøgholt says:

    Some thirty years ago David Jehnsen took two Danes, a dog and a box of beer in his van from Columbus Ohio to Atlanta. In Atlanta he was to make a lecture at a congress for young black theologians.

    Now the many years have passed, and we have grown older (I have – what about you?). But that stay in the States and not least the trip to Atlanta is my best experience abroad. I must confess that I have not travelled much, but among the travels this one made the strongest impression for many reasons.

    If you have got spare time and a computer I would care to hear a few words about how you have spent the last thirty years.

    Yours heartily
    Jakob (Krøgholt)
    guest and passenger


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