This is Nonviolence Canada

Nonviolence Canada is a grassroots initiative to promote nonviolence in Canada.

Why nonviolence? We are seeing more and more examples of nonviolence worldwide,  yet most people don’t know enough about it, or form their opinions about it based on misinformation and misconceptions.

Why Canada?  More and more Canadians want the world to be different in a variety of ways – better for the planet, better for the people, less war, less violence. In our homes, on our streets, in our schools, in all of our communities, in our country, in other countries, …

And yet, Canadians don’t know how to get there. We have some ideas.  But we don’t have an overall strategy for how to be effective in bringing about change at all levels of our society. There is much that can be leveraged in nonviolence, if only more of us understood it better.

A philosophy and concise framework for nonviolence was clearly articulated by Martin Luther King, Jr., who built on the learning of many others before him.  This philosophy of nonviolence is called Kingian Nonviolence.  Kingian Nonviolence is a useful starting point for introducing nonviolence to audiences, and for framing the ongoing study and application of nonviolence.  The Kingian Nonviolence framework provides strategic context for all aspects of nonviolence, as well as guidance for next steps.

This grassroots initiative focuses on:

  1. Introducing Kingian Nonviolence to Canadians through two-day interactive workshops.  This provides a common understanding of  concepts, terminology and a concise framework (embodied in 6 principles and 6 steps).
  2. Helping people to think about what nonviolence means to them and what it means to apply it in their lives.
  3. Evolving the concepts, terminology and  framework espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr. to encompass Canadian perspectives on nonviolence.

Send an email to if you would like to join this initiative.

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