2 hour workshops this weekend!

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  • Outdoor Nonviolence workshop for Occupy Ottawa.  Everyone welcome
    4:00-6:00 PM on Saturday October 29th, 2011 at Confederation Park, Ottawa.
  • Outdoor Nonviolence workshop for Occupy Ottawa.    Everyone welcome
    10:00AM-noon on Sunday October 30th, 2011 at Confederation Park, Ottawa.

I am impressed with the Occupy Ottawa set-up

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I stopped by the Occupy Ottawa site on my way home from work.  I am very impressed.  It is so well organized and clean!

I encourage everybody to walk through Confederation Park in Ottawa and check it out. Notice the medical tent, the tent where people can pick up or drop off donations, the media tent, the kitchen.  They are offering food to anyone who wants it, not just people camping there.

General assemblies occur at 6 PM and noon (it alternates between the two each day).


Check out the facebook page to see re-posts

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I’m developing a strategy.  I use facebook for posting all the interesting links I find (above and beyond recommended “reading”).   I do that reasonably regularly – almost daily.

This website will be the source for workshop dates and information about the workshops and any original thoughts I have and want to share. I will use the blog for my own thoughts.  I will figure out how often I can blog and post the blog frequency.  That way if you want to follow the blog,  you will know how often to check in.  I am trying to balance the need to keep this website current and dynamic with the other demands  in my life.

On that note, if you have topics you would like to see me cover in the blog, let me know.

Amy Dillon



How to Start a Revolution – Friday Oct 14th 7PM

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I’m looking forward to seeing How to Start a Revolution.

Starts 7 PM at Library and Archives Canada ( 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa) on Friday Oct 14th.

Tickets are $12.

Here’s the trailer and a bit about the film.  http://howtostartarevolutionfilm.com/

It’s part of the One World Arts Festival

Misconception: NONVIOLENCE means you don’t fight

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Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.  This means that a nonviolence practitioner intervenes in unjust, violent or violent-prone situations as a moral action with compassion for ALL of the people involved and as an act of community.

This takes courage and usually involves a long, hard fight…against the problems.  Against the conditions that created (and continue to support) the ongoing continuation of the problems.  Not against people.

Nonviolence is a positive force whereby people are the vital force for change.  However, change doesn’t happen without struggle. Without fighting.  Fighting against injustice.  Not against the people who set the policies or exhibit the behaviour.  But against the policies and behaviour.

Nonviolence focuses on people attaining their full human potential.  Together, people can understand situations from all perspectives and determine solutions that address the needs of all involved.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Can you think of examples where someone fought hard for something he or she believed in, without harming other people along the way?

I can.  Let me know if you can’t.  I’m happy to share examples.

What are the Demands? Occupy Wall Street vs. Kingian Methods

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October 04, 2011

What are the Demands?

Occupy Wall Street vs. Kingian Methods


Misconception: The root cause of VIOLENCE is in the people doing the violence

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We’re so quick to shoot the messenger.  We assume that a person using violence to express themselves or achieve something is a bad person.  There are so many other reasons why we resort to violence.  Some examples:

  • We don’t  feel heard, we don’t feel understood, we don’t feel anyone cares, we don’t feel we have any choices, we don’t feel it matters what we do.  Violence is the desperate cry of the unheard.
  • We don’t know any other way to express ourselves or to do what we are trying to do.  Other options  have not been modeled for us, taught to us, explained to us.
  • We are so frustrated and desperate that we don’t feel like we have anything to lose.
  • We don’t see a way out; a way to improve the situation for ourselves; a solution.
  • We are overwhelmed by the circumstances in which we find themselves.
  • The only way we feel like we are somebody or important or can support ourselves, or … is in an organization where violence is the underlying premise, such as the army or a gang (these are just examples).  We do not join those organizations because of the violence.  If we had other options to be somebody (or to be important or to support ourselves, …) without joining, maybe we wouldn’t join them, and we would no longer be supporting the ongoing cycle of violence.

So if we understand why people are violent in a given situation,whether it’s at home, in school, or even when a riot occurs, then I think we are in a better position to really solve the problem(s) that caused the violence in the first place.  Not just stop the violence and subdue people, but improve the situation so that people no longer feel compelled towards violence.  So that people actively seek to heal past wounds. If we look past the people inflicting the overt violence, we will see that they are suffering too.  We need to understand the cause of that suffering, and address it.

Nonviolence is about recognizing and bringing out the humanity in each of us; in all of us.

It starts with me.  And it starts with you.

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