Calendar of Events

——- October 2014 ——-

Online Course on Civil Resistance


This online course is designed to provide an in-depth and multi-disciplinary perspective on civilian-based movements and campaigns that defend and obtain basic rights and justice around the world with the use of nonviolent tactics and strategies – from Tunisia to Burma, from Zimbabwe to West Papua. We will look at issues of political power, effectiveness of nonviolent resistance, misconceptions about nonviolent conflict, role of skills in civil resistance, strategies and tactics and tactical sequencing, phenomenon of backfire, and dilemma actions. We will also consider other themes such as gender dynamics in civil resistance, anti-corruption movements, nonviolent struggles against exploitative industries, violent flank in civil resistance and democratic transition.

  • Interactive course incorporating online discussions, webinars, and case studies
  • Experience opportunities to share lessons across cases and regions
  • Hear insights from experts of civil resistance
  • All course materials – reading, videos, podcasts – will be provided
  • Please feel free to share the link to this page:

When: October 14 – November 18, 2014

Who should apply: Graduate students and working professionals interested in the subject matter. Since the course is online it is open to international students and professionals as well, so learners from across the globe are encouraged to apply.

Deadline to apply: October 2, 2014


——- By Request ——-

2-Day Workshop on Nonviolence.
Click  here to find out more about the workshop.
For more information, contact  


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